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A look at who Fabio Melis is

Experienced professional you can trust

I was born in 1986 in Rome where I live and still reside. I have been working as a Real Estate Agent for several years in the ROME AREA, this has allowed me to know deeply the demand and offer of the local real estate market.


As a Real Estate Agent, I have been involved in some of the BIGGEST DECISIONS IN my clients' LIVES, earning RECOGNITION and CONSTANT SATISFACTION.


I work hard for each of them, making sure they get the best services with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPECT.


My approach to the real estate market is innovative. My goal is to provide you with the best skills and great customer service to meet all your needs.


I have been working in the real estate sector for several years and my team is at your disposal to help you sell, rent or buy the property you are looking for in Rome, a place that we consider our home.


What better opportunity to combine my skills with the desire to see YOUR DESIRES fulfilled?


* I have collaborated with Franchising such as:


and today I'm on my own like FABIO MELIS - AFFAREFATTO




REA RM - 1517383 at the Chamber of Commerce of ROME


VAT NUMBER 13254221008

Sono nato nel 1986 a Roma dove vivo e ancora risiedo. Esercito l'attività di Agente Immobiliare da diversi anni nella ZONA di ROMA, ciò mi ha permesso di conoscere profondamente la richiesta e l'offerta del mercato immobiliare locale. Come Agente Immobiliare, sono stato coinvolto in alcune delle più GRANDI DECISIONI NELLA VITA dei miei clienti, ottenendone RICONOSCIMENTI e la COSTANTE SODDISFAZIONE. Lavoro duramente per ognuno di loro, assicurandomi che ottengano i migliori servizi con ONESTÀ, INTEGRITÀ e RISPETTO.
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